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When an officer of the law pulls you over in the state of Washington, they must have a reason. Their reason could be anything from a burned out license plate light, to the way in which you are driving. As you are pulled over, the officer is watching the way in which you slow down and stop your vehicle. When the officer approaches your vehicle he will looking to see if your face is flushed, if you have red and watery eyes, if your eyes are bloodshot or glassy, if your clothing looks messy, if you are nervous, if there are alcohol containers in your vehicle, drugs or paraphernalia, and even bruises. He will be listening to the way in which you speak, noting slurred or repetitive speech, slow responses, abusive language, whether you follow instructions, and he will be smelling the various odors that might be in your vehicle or emanating from your person.

Now, before he find that you are drinking and driving, if you are, it would be best to exercise your right to remain silent. The number one rule of thumb is – do not lie. If you are questioned or arrested you should immediately invoke your right to an attorney as well as your right to remain silent, and you should call a DUI lawyer as soon as you can. Do not call an attorney that does not know the laws governing driving under the influence cases, you may find yourself in more trouble, if they are inexperienced in these laws.

Driving under the influence, today, has some harsh penalties.  This is due to organizations such as Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers. Because of this organization and others, laws are changing all the time. Without a DUI attorney, even on your first offense you might find yourself in deep trouble, such as having your driver’s license revoked and forced to spend time in jail. These consequences can, in some cases, be avoided, if you have a DUI lawyer that can argue your case.  You need someone that can communicate to the prosecutor and judge that you have to be able to drive in order to provide an income for your family.

Therefore, you think its no big deal. You think you will get a fine and you can go home. Wrong! You now have a handful of problems thrown at you that will not be going away anytime soon. What? You ask. Well here are a few of them:

  • You will go to jail
  • You will lose your license for a certain amount of time, potentially even for years
  • You will have to attend alcohol assessment classes
  • You will have fines and court costs to pay
  • You will have higher insurance premiums to pay

You need a DUI attorney to aid you in the best defense possible so you do not lose your license, which can lead to many other problems such as the loss of your job. Pleading your case is what DUI lawyers do to ensure that you get a fair hearing and that you are not used as an example for other drunk drivers.

Understanding the laws and what can happen once you are arrested is very important and talking with a DUI lawyer will give you the advice you need. The number one thing to remember is that you can refuse a breathalyzer test when you are first pulled over as well as all field sobriety tests, but you should speak to a lawyer to decide if you should refuse the evidentiary test at the station, as it may not be recommended to refuse it after you have been arrested and taken to jail. There are greater licensing consequences for refusing the test at the station.

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