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When you are picked up by the police for driving under the influence, you are scared and worried. You may think that your stupidity has really gotten you in trouble this time. You will need a good lawyer. You should find one that deals in driving under the influence cases. This way they put all their resources and knowledge into the laws concerning driving under the influence. According to the state in which you were arrested, there are various laws regarding just how severe the fines and jail term can be.

In Washington, you will find a law firm that deals in just that. Newton & Hall, Attorneys at Law, PLLC is an example of one lawyers office in the state of Washington that deals with DUI cases.

The main reason to find a local DUI attorney is that you must have representation that understand the court proceedings, laws, and how to best provide you will legal counsel. If you do not use a DUI lawyer, you may find yourself behind bars in no time, not because the attorney is not a great attorney but because they may not know the specific laws and rules governing DUI Cases.

When you do receive a ticket or summons for driving under the influence it does not just affect your driving, it affects others matters in your life as well including:

  • You will now have a criminal record
  • You will lose your drivers license for a period of time
  • You will receive a jail sentence
  • You will need to pay fines and court costs
  • You will be put on probation
  • You will be ordered to get an alcohol evaluation and do follow up treatment
  • You could be put under house arrest
  • You will have to install an ignition interlock device and you will have to breathe into a mechanism to test your breath for alcohol before the automobile will start.
  • Your will have to pay increased car insurance premiums
  • You will lose any commercial drivers license

Therefore, you see it does not just affect you or your driver’s license. It will affect your whole family and your job. If you have your license revoked, you will have to find a ride to work. That can be harder than you think. You do not want to have to depend on someone to haul you around. You cannot come and go as you please anymore. You have to account for your every move to someone every day. The greatest hardship you will face is the financial cost. By the time you are done, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in fines, fees, cost of treatment, transportation, missed work, missed opportunities, and even attorney fees.

If you have jail time to face, you will more than likely lose your job. After, you have served your time; you may find it hard to find employment with this on your record. This is why you need a DUI attorney that is focused on these types of cases, so they know what to do with these specific issues.

In the state of Washington, your DUI lawyer can give you information regarding the laws and even in what circumstances an officer can pull you over. It is illegal for an officer to do random stops, stop a driver based on a feeling, and roadblocks. You have to give the officer “reasonable suspicion” you have in some way violated the law. If you were pulled over, but did not give an officer a reason to pull you over such as swerving in and out of traffic, you should notify your DUI attorney.

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